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Born on the streets of sunny Southern California in 2018, SoCalvario combines raw metal guitars from Finland with aggressive Spanish street-smart vocals from Colombia. Listen to their first single Asesino and figure out who you stand with.


Founded in 2004, Vaie's style has experienced some transformations along the way before developing into ugrimetal; the melancholic thrash that can only be born from a dark Finnish mentality.
Vaie is a relatively rare sight on live stages, but when they do get up there, necks are broken and hearts flatlining. Their most recent EP Luonnonkaunis was released on the 1st of January, 2018.


Having too many choruses and lyrics buried somewhere in the drawer, almost forgotten, Sipri decided it's time to bring these ideas to life. The band is what the name suggests; a work in progress that wants to experiment with different styles of music. So far SIPRIE's songs combine elements mostly from rock and metal, but "...our next release could very well be old-school hip hop or even EDM. You never know."